Tom and Kathy Carrigan, Owners

Tom and Kathy Carrigan, Owners
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Shipping Information

Item Shipping
Bareroot Peony $7.50 for 1st plant, $2 each plant thereafter
Bareroot Miscanthus (quantity of 5) $8 for 1st quantity 5 plants, $2.50 per qty. of 5 thereafter
Bareroot Miscanthus (quantity of 10) $10.50 for 1st quantity of 10 plants,$5 ea qty. of 10 thereafter
Bareroot Miscanthus (quantity of 100) $45
Bareroot Miscanthus 100+ Contact us for a quote

$8 is the minimum shipping charge for Miscanthus Giganteus. Shipping charge is for one offer of 5-1/2 gallon bare root division. Each offer of 5 plants thereafter is an additional $2.50. $10.50 is the minimum shipping charge for 10 bare root miscanthus giganteus, each offer of 10 thereafter is $5. For orders larger than 100 plants shipping is charged at actual cost and you will be billed by paypal invoicing.

When ordering more than 100 plants of bare root Miscanthus Giganteus an invoice for the grass, as well as an estimated shipping amount will be charged. If ordering by mail a quote can be given by phone, e-mail, or mail, at your preference, which will include the cost of the grass and estimated shipping. Grass roots vary in size and weight somewhat, and shipping rates to different parts of the county vary as well. Until your order is packed and weighed actual shipping cannot be calculated. We do our best to estimate shipping charges, but an estimate it is. Any overages paid in shipping will be promptly refunded. Should any extra charges occur above the estimated shipping paid with the order, an invoice for the remainder due will be billed by paypal invoice or mail, if paid by check.

$7.50 is the minimum shipping for bare root peonies. Each plant thereafter is $2.00 Our shipping may seem slightly high on these, but we are offering large roots and have reduced the pricing of the plants to offset the higher shipping price.

We ship bare root Miscanthus Giganteus, Intersectional Peonies and Herbaceous Peonies in both Spring and Fall. Estimated shipping windows are April 15th-May 31 and September 15th through October 31st.

Some Intersectional Peonies may be shipped with soil intact. These peonies have been grown from very small starts and are not mature enough to ship bare root. We can only legally ship potted plants to destinations EAST of the Mississippi River. This is due to the methods we use to grow plants. All our plants are grown in outdoor conditions, not in greenhouses. Greenhouse production would include the use of sterile potting mixes and enclosures which would discourage soil borne pests. We choose to grow in outdoor conditions to produce hardy plants readily acclimated to fit in most climates. This does limit where we can ship our soils to, due to the possibility of soil borne pests.

Should peonies be limited to shipping areas East of the Mississippi River it will be listed on the particular peonies involved.

We will ship other plants available at our nursery if possible. Most items will be available only for shipment once again EAST of the Mississippi River. The exception would our ability to ship some items bare root west of the Mississippi River. Each case depends on the regulations of particular states and the ability of the plant to withstand shipping in bare root state. You must contact us if you are interested in shipment of any other plants not listed for online shipping. We will do our best to accommodate you, so please do feel free to ask if you have questions.

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At this time online ordering is available for Miscanthus Giganteus, Intersectional Peonies and Herbaceous Peonies. For information on any other plants please contact us at, or by phone (517) 726-0026.

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Browse through what is available at our nursery for pickup only. When purschasing items from our nursery in person we only except cash or checks.

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Fill out our mail order form and include a check or money order. Download Printable Order Form >>

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